Branding and Marketing is Hard.


Our Mission

Is to help businesses strategically drive their identity in the marketplace, attract their ideal customers, and achieve the financial success they deserve.

How we help


We help you create or revamp your brand in a way that authentically shares your story with the world.


There are so many (really) bad websites out in the world and we want to save you from being one of them.


You’ve got a brand and website; now the real work begins.  Let’s build your marketing plan.



We offer ongoing coaching and accountability to keep you on track with your business goals.

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You’ve got Customers who need you.

We Make sure they can find you.

Ravensway Strategies helps you clarify your message, refine your brand, and put together a marketing plan that creates loyal customers.


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Who We Work With


Passionate about farming but don’t have the marketing strategy in place to find customers and keep revenue flowing?  We LOVE helping farmers get to the next level of profitability.

Clean Energy

Our founder, Jordan, has a background in sustainability and a passion for helping businesses focused on protecting our planet.  Reaching the masses is key to making a difference, and we can make sure your clean energy company is doing that effectively.


As the world changes and technology advances local government websites and marketing are still hanging out in 2005.  We’d like to change that.  Towns need brands and modern websites too!


Now more than ever, marketing is vital for any NGO looking to build a long donor list and attract top-notch volunteers.  When you make it hard to donate money, sign up for volunteering, or simply find out more about an organization, many opportunities for making a larger impact are missed.


Ravensway Strategies started with clients in the finance sector and are willing to take on projects outside of the general scope if the fit is right.  Reach out to us with your needs and we’ll see if we’re a fit for you!

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