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Upgrading your business.

We are here to change the way you bring in and keep your customers.

You and your business have an important message to share, but if you aren’t showing up, communicating clearly, and strategically building trust, you’ll miss out on the opportunity to have an impact.

When those clients clients do show up, you’ll need to be ready to onboard them and retain them in a way that no one else can.

Ravensway Strategies helps you prepare your business to get noticed and experience seamless growth.

Meet Jordan

My mission for Ravensway Strategies is to help businesses get planning, get organized, get marketing, and get growing so they can flawlessly succeed every. single. day.

The greatest joy of my professional life is watching a client have that “Ah-ha! moment” when they realize that the only thing holding them back is a bit of focus and strategy (or a killer website).  It’s what I live for.  It’s why I’m here.  It’s why I want to talk to YOU.

I come from a long line of entrepreneurs, and joke that running a business is in my blood. After over 7 years in the financial services industry, I found that my ability to have a positive impact and provide customized solutions was limited under the corporate umbrella.  And that’s why Ravensway Strategies was born.

In my free time, you’ll find me spending time with my two little girls and my husband camping, hiking, or helping out on a farm. In September of 2021, we will be heading on the road to overland across North America looking for the perfect farm to make into a regenerative agroforestry operation and our forever home.  You can follow that journey here.

When I get some rare time alone, you can find me on my hammock reading a book or trail running.

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